The GYA has the following Standing Committees

Committee Chair
Appeals Committee J. Dwight LeBlanc, Jr. (SYC)
Bylaws Committee Basil Kennedy (BWYC)
Capdevielle Committee Gary Rogers (JYC)
Judges Committee J.C. (Chris) Luppens (MYC)
Membership Committee Danny Killeen, Jr. (PCYC)
PHRF Committee Thomas D. Beery, Jr. (SRYC)
Race Management Committee Clinton Edwards (BWYC)
Racing Rules Committee Richard (Boo) Heausler (BWYC)
Sail Measurement Committee Claude H. Dannemann, Jr. (BWYC)
Scheduling Committee Randy Fitzpatrick-Wainwright (FYC)
Trophy Committee John H. Matthews (PYC/NYC)
USSA Championship Committee Karen F. Reisch (SYC)
Youth Committee Elizabeth McGriff (FYC)

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