GYA Foundation

The Gulf  Yachting Association Foundation, Inc., established in 1993, is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization.  This means that donations made to the foundation are  tax deductible.  The primary purpose of the foundation is to support the sport  of sailing in the Gulf Yachting Association area.  Boards of Directors members  are listed below.  Contributions, donations, bequests, etc., may be directed to:

Janet Miller-Schmidt,   P.O.Box 73., Monteagle, TN 37356


GYA Foundation President BernardMoseby (MYC)
GYA Foundation Secretary/Treasurer JanetMiller-Schmidt (PontYC)
GYA Foundation Legal Council MichaelMark (BucYC)
Board Member Representative Area
Board Member Charles M. (Tod) Holman, MD (BYC) Mississippi
Board Member Karen Reisch (SYC) Louisiana
GYA ExComm Rep Chris Luppens (MYC) Texas

GYA Foundation Documents:

GYA Foundation Request for funds
Articles of Incorporation
Foundation Bylaws Amended January 23, 2013
Foundation Meeting Minutes January 11, 2013
Foundation Meeting Minutes January 10, 2015
Foundation Meeting Minutes January 9, 2016
Foundation Meeting Minutes January 7, 2017
Foundation Meeting Minutes January 12, 2018

Supporting Yachting in the Southeast since 1901