GYA 2017 Schedule

Dates Event Classes Host Club Links
Jan, 1Hangover RegattaPHRF (PBYC)
Jan, 6-8GYA Winter MeetingOffshore (PYC)
Jan, 7-8Snipe States/GasparOne Design (StPYC)
Jan, 14-16USODA Team Race MidwinterRegionalDistrictNationalWorld (BWYC)
Jan, 14FrostbitePHRF, Offshore, One Design (PBYC)
Jan, 21-22Winter Series 1 & 2PHRF, Offshore (MYC)
Jan, 21-22US Saiing Advanced Race Management SeminarClinics (SYC)
Jan, 28-29Winter Series 3 & 4PHRF, Offshore (MYC)
Feb, 4-5Valentine's RegattaOne Design (StPYC)
Feb, 4Superbowl RegattaOne Design (BWYC)
Feb, 11Valentine's Regatta PHRF, Offshore, One Design, Multihull, Youth (PBYC)
Feb, 16-19NOOD RegattaOne Design (StPYC)
Feb, 23-26J70 Midwinter ChampionshipRegionalDistrictNationalWorld (StPYC)
Feb, 24-26Tripp 26 MidwintersOne Design (StABYC)
Feb, 25Spring #1PHRF, Offshore (LBYC)
Feb, 26Billy GoatPHRF, Offshore (BucYC)
Mar, 1-4Thistle Midwinter'sRegionalDistrictNationalWorld (StPYC)
Mar, 3-5J/27 MidwintersOne Design (NOYC)
Mar, 4Maxine #1 (CC #1)PHRF, Offshore, One Design (NYC) [res]
Mar, 4Spring #2PHRF, Offshore (LBYC)
Mar, 4-5Mardi Gras Regatta-PHRFPHRF, Offshore (NOYC)
Mar, 4-5US Sailing Level 1 CertificationClinics (SYC)
Mar, 11-12Leukemia Cup North Shore HSYouth (PontYC) [res]
Mar, 11Rite of Spring - Maxine #2PHRF, Offshore, One Design (PBYC)
Mar, 11Fleur de LisPHRF, Offshore (NOYC/SYC/LPWSA)
Mar, 12-17Flying Scot MidwintersOne Design (SYC)
Mar, 12NOYC Opening PHRF, Offshore, One Design, Youth (NOYC)
Mar, 17-19USODA Gulf Coast ChampsRegionalDistrictNationalWorld, Youth (BWYC)
Mar, 18-21Winter Lightning ChampionshipRegionalDistrictNationalWorld (StPYC)
Mar, 18Maxine #3PHRF, Offshore, One Design (PYC)
Mar, 18-19Spring #3 & #4PHRF, Offshore (LBYC)
Mar, 18-19Southern Nichols Cup InvitationalOne Design (SYC)
Mar, 18-19Mardi Gras Regatta-One DesignOne Design, Youth (NOYC)
Mar, 18-19Mardi Gras Regatta-CapdevielleOne Design (NOYC)
Mar, 24-26J/22 MidwinterOne Design (SYC)
Mar, 25-26Dogwood PHRF, Offshore, One Design, Youth (FYC) [nor][reg]
Mar, 25Twister One Design (StABYC)
Mar, 25Rafferty #3PHRF, Offshore (PCYC)
Mar, 25Two Against the LakePHRF (TYC)
Mar, 25PHRF Spring #1PHRF (PontYC)
Mar, 25-26Ironman One Design (BSC)
Mar, 26Rafferty #4PHRF, Offshore (PCYC)
Apr, 1-2Wet and CoolYouth (FYC) [nor]
Apr, 1-2Leukemia CupPHRF, Youth (SYC)
Apr, 6Suncoast RaceweekPHRF, Offshore, One Design (StPYC)
Apr, 6-9Alter Cup / US Sailing Multihull ChampionshipMultihull, RegionalDistrictNationalWorld (OSYC)
Apr, 6-9GORCPHRF, Offshore (GYC) [nor][res]
Apr, 7-9Hobie Mid-Winters EastMultihull (OSYC)
Apr, 7-9VXOne Series #1One Design (GYC) [nor][reg]
Apr, 8Commodore's Cup #2PHRF, Offshore (NYC) [nor][si]
Apr, 8-9Spring FlingPHRF, One Design, Multihull (JYC)
Apr, 8PHRF Spring 1 & 2 Classic #1PHRF (SYC)
Apr, 8PHRF Spring #2PHRF (PontYC)
Apr, 8-9Elissa RegattaPHRF, One Design (HYC)
Apr, 8-9Lightning - Texas District ChampionshipPHRF, One Design (HYC)
Apr, 9J22 & FS MC Spring #1 R19 BordelonOne Design (SYC)
Apr, 15Single HandedPHRF, Offshore (FYC) [nor][reg][si]
Apr, 15Crooked Island RacePHRF (StABYC)
Apr, 15PHRF Spring #3 & 4 /Classic #2 PHRF, Offshore (SYC)
Apr, 15Rafferty #5PHRF (PCYC)
Apr, 15Crawfish One Design (LAYC)
Apr, 15FSSA Cajun Country ChampionshipOne Design (LAYC)
Apr, 22Commodore's CupOne Design (BWYC)
Apr, 22J22 & FS MC Spring #2; R19 ZimmermanOne Design (SYC)
Apr, 22NOYC High School RegattaYouth (NOYC)
Apr, 22Dauphin Island Warm - upPHRF, Offshore (BucYC)
Apr, 23SYC Opening Regatta PHRF #5 -Classic #3PHRF, Youth (SYC)
Apr, 27-5Regatta del Sol al SolOffshore (StPYC)
Apr, 27-30Wetafest One Design (FWYC)
Apr, 28-30Leiter ClinicClinics (SYC)
Apr, 29-30Alfonso Sutter - Laser D14 ChampsOne Design (GYC) [nor][res]
Apr, 29Cancer Society Regatta (Champ #3)PHRF, Offshore, Youth (PYC)
Apr, 29-30Caterwaul One Design (StABYC)
Apr, 291699 RegattaOne Design, Multihull (OSYC)
Apr, 29Dauphin Island RacePHRF (BucYC)
Apr, 29-30PontYC Opening RegattaPHRF, One Design, Youth (PontYC)
Apr, 30Dauphin Island Return EastPHRF (FYC)
Apr, 30Havana RacePHRF, Offshore (PYC)
Apr, 30PHRF Spring #3PHRF (PontYC)
May, 6-7GYA Opening RegattaOne Design (GYC) [nor][reg][res]
May, 6Great Circle RacePHRF, Offshore (MYC)
May, 6Spring RegattaPHRF (CYC)
May, 6-7VXOne Series #2One Design (GYC)
May, 12-14HYC Offshore RegattaOffshore (HYC)
May, 13Jourdan RiverOne Design (BWYC)
May, 13Sea BuoyPHRF, Multihull (PBYC)
May, 13Children's Hospital CharityPHRF, Offshore (FYC)
May, 13Old TimersPHRF, Offshore, One Design (SYC)
May, 19-21US Sunfish MastersOne Design, RegionalDistrictNationalWorld (PCYC)
May, 20-21Spring RegattaOne Design (BucYC)
May, 20-21NO to Mandeville and Return / PHRF #6 / Classic #4PHRF (SYC)
May, 20-21VXOne Series #3One Design (BucYC)
May, 24-28J24 North AmericanOne Design, RegionalDistrictNationalWorld (HYC)
May, 27Ring Around the BayPHRF, Offshore (FYC)
May, 27Find GulfportPHRF, Offshore (LBYC)
May, 27-28Slip to ShipMultihull (OSYC)
May, 27-28Juby WynneOne Design, Youth (SYC)
May, 27Memorial DayPHRF, Offshore, One Design (PBYC)
May, 28Race for the CasePHRF, Multihull, Youth (GYC) [nor][si][res]
May, 29Defenders ChallengeOne Design (SYC)
Jun, 3-4Candler RegattaOne Design (StABYC)
Jun, 3J22 & FS MC Spring #3/ R19 AndrewsOne Design (SYC)
Jun, 3PHRF Summer #1PHRF (PontYC)
Jun, 4PHRF #7 & #8 / Classic #5PHRF (SYC)
Jun, 9-11Area D Youth ChampionshipRegionalDistrictNationalWorld, Youth (FYC)
Jun, 10-11Chapman RegattaOne Design (BWYC)
Jun, 10-11Billy Bowlegs RegattaPHRF, Offshore (FWYC)
Jun, 10-11Navy CupPHRF, Offshore, One Design (NYC) [nor][si]
Jun, 10-11Race to the Coast / Sawgrass Series #1PHRF, Offshore (SYC)
Jun, 10-11School's Out RegattaOne Design, Youth (PontYC)
Jun, 10-11WSA Women's Race WeekendPHRF, One Design (HYC)
Jun, 10-11VXOne Series #4One Design (PontYC)
Jun, 16-18Gulfport to Pensacola/ Sawgrass #2PHRF, Offshore (GYC/PYC/SYC)
Jun, 17Father's Day RegattaYouth (PYC)
Jun, 23-25GYA Offshore Challenge CupPHRF, Offshore (PYC)
Jun, 24-25Leukemia Cup RegattaPHRF, One Design (HYC)
Jun, 24-25GYA 420 ChampionshipOne Design (LBYC)
Jul, 1-2Junior Olympic Sailing FestivalYouth (PYC)
Jul, 1Independence Day CupPHRF (StABYC)
Jul, 1Patriots Day RegattaOne Design (PBYC)
Jul, 6-11Leukemia Cup RegattaPHRF, One Design (HYC)
Jul, 8-9Meigs RegattaOne Design (FWYC)
Jul, 8-9Island HopMultihull (OSYC)
Jul, 8PHRF Summer #2PHRF (PontYC)
Jul, 15-16Summer RegattaOne Design (MYC)
Jul, 15Bikini RegattaPHRF (NYC)
Jul, 15-16GORRPHRF, Offshore (LBYC)
Jul, 15Bastille Day RegattaPHRF, Offshore (NOYC)
Jul, 15-16GYA Women PHRF ChampionshipPHRF, Offshore (NYC/PYC)
Jul, 22-23Junior Lipton ChampionshipOne Design (PCYC)
Jul, 22PHRF Summer #3PHRF (PontYC)
Jul, 22Race for the RosesPHRF, Offshore (PBYC)
Jul, 29-30Weatherly RegattaPHRF, One Design (GYC)
Jul, 29Fast WomenPHRF, Offshore (PtYC)
Jul, 29-30Birthday RegattaPHRF, Offshore, One Design (PCYC)
Aug, 5Little Salts n Old SaltsYouth (PYC)
Aug, 5Round the RigPHRF, Offshore (MYC)
Aug, 5-6GYA J22 One Design (PCYC)
Aug, 5-6Summer in the PassPHRF, Offshore, One Design (PCYC)
Aug, 12-13Knost ChampionshipOne Design (PCYC)
Aug, 12-13Knost PHRF Championship PHRF (PCYC)
Aug, 19-20Galloway GYA Sunfish/Laser ChampionshipOne Design (GYC)
Aug, 19Big MouthPHRF, Offshore, One Design (PBYC)
Aug, 26Katrina MemorialPHRF, One Design (OSYC)
Aug, 26-27Back to School Regatta/Dinghy ChallengeOne Design (PontYC)
Aug, 26Preemie CupPHRF, Offshore, Youth (PBYC)
Aug, 26Pam SintesPHRF (NOYC)
Aug, 26-27Rock Paper ScissorsYouth (BSC)
Sep, 1PHRF Classic #4PHRF (SYC)
Sep, 2-4Lipton ChallengeOne Design (PCYC)
Sep, 2Fall #1PHRF, Offshore (LBYC)
Sep, 2Pensacola Beach Pier RacePHRF, Offshore, One Design (PBYC)
Sep, 9Fall #2PHRF, Offshore (LBYC)
Sep, 9PHRF Fall #1 & 2 Classic #1PHRF (SYC)
Sep, 9Middle BayPHRF (BucYC)
Sep, 9-16Blind World RegattaPHRF, One Design (HYC)
Sep, 15-17Round the IslandOne Design (FWYC)
Sep, 16W.A.V.E. On the BayOne Design (NYC)
Sep, 16-17Fall #3 & #4PHRF, Offshore (LBYC)
Sep, 16College Alumni RegattaOne Design (BWYC)
Sep, 16Fall RegattaPHRF (CYC)
Sep, 16J22 & FS MC Fall #1 / R19 GrevembergOne Design (SYC)
Sep, 16Leukemia CupOffshore (BucYC)
Sep, 16-17Leukemia CupOne Design (BSC)
Sep, 17PHRF Fall #3 & 4/Classic #2PHRF, Offshore (SYC)
Sep, 23Commodore's Cup #3PHRF, Offshore (NYC)
Sep, 23PHRF Fall #5 & #6 / Classic #3PHRF (SYC)
Sep, 23-24HOOD One Design (HYC)
Sep, 23-24Ensign RegionalsOne Design, RegionalDistrictNationalWorld (HYC)
Sep, 24J22 & FS MC Fall #2 / R19 McLellenOne Design (SYC)
Sep, 30-1Wadewitz RegattaPHRF, One Design, Youth (FYC)
Sep, 30Sunfish Splash RegattaOne Design (CYC)
Sep, 30Great Lake RacePHRF, Offshore (NOYC/SSYC/CSA)
Sep, 30-1VXOne Series #5One Design (FYC)
Oct, 1Coco SeemannOne Design (SYC)
Oct, 7Chappell - Stitt (Champs #4) PHRF, Offshore, One Design, Youth (PYC)
Oct, 7Lost BayPHRF, Offshore (PtYC)
Oct, 7J22 & FS MC Fall #3 / R19 FisherOne Design (SYC)
Oct, 7Round the CatPHRF, Offshore (PCYC)
Oct, 7Single Handed Round the Lake PHRF, Offshore (TYC)
Oct, 7PHRF Fall #1PHRF (PontYC)
Oct, 7-8Fish WorldsOne Design (BucYC)
Oct, 7Pink Ribbon RegattaPHRF, Offshore (NOYC/SYC/LPWSA)
Oct, 7-8Great ScotOne Design (BSC)
Oct, 7-8Jerry Ellis RegattaYouth (BYC)
Oct, 13-15WFORC PHRF, Offshore (PYC)
Oct, 14-15Broken TrianglePHRF, Offshore (MYC)
Oct, 14Monk SmithOne Design (BWYC)
Oct, 14-15Jack Dane Finn RegattaOne Design (PCYC)
Oct, 15RondinellaOne Design (BWYC)
Oct, 15SYC Closing PHRF, Offshore, One Design, Youth (SYC)
Oct, 19-22J30 North AmericanOne Design, RegionalDistrictNationalWorld (NOYC)
Oct, 20-22Wave IntergalacticsOne Design (PBYC)
Oct, 21Double HandedPHRF, Offshore (FYC)
Oct, 21-22Shearwater One Design, Multihull (OSYC)
Oct, 21Rafferty #1PHRF, Offshore (PCYC)
Oct, 21PHRF Fall #2PHRF (PontYC)
Oct, 21-22GYA Fish Class/John G. CurrenOne Design (BucYC)
Oct, 21-22Great PumpkinOne Design (BSC)
Oct, 22J22, FS, MC, R19, Make-upOne Design (SYC)
Oct, 25-28Viper North AmericanRegionalDistrictNationalWorld (FWYC)
Oct, 27-29LPRCPHRF, Offshore (SYC)
Oct, 28-29HospitalityPHRF, One Design, Multihull (JYC)
Oct, 28-29Flying Scot Gulf District ChampionshipOne Design (JYC)
Nov, 4Around the RosePHRF (FYC)
Nov, 4-5MS High School Sailing ChampYouth (GYC)
Nov, 4Commodore's Cup #4PHRF, Offshore (NYC)
Nov, 4-6Southern Soiland Cup InvitationalOne Design (SYC)
Nov, 4NOYC Closing PHRF, Offshore (NOYC)
Nov, 4PHRF Fall #3PHRF (PontYC)
Nov, 11-12Jubilee RegattaOne Design (PYC)
Nov, 11Rafferty #2PHRF, Offshore (PCYC)
Nov, 11-12VXOne Fleet 1 ChampionshipOne Design (PYC)
Nov, 18-19Great Oaks RegattaYouth (SYC)
Nov, 18Turkey Day RacePHRF, One Design (PontYC)
Nov, 18Turkey TrotPHRF, Offshore, One Design (PBYC)
Nov, 18-19Turkey Day RegattaPHRF, One Design (HYC)
Nov, 19FCA End of Season RegattaPHRF, Offshore (FWYC)
Nov, 24-25USODA Midwinter ChampionshipOne Design, RegionalDistrictNationalWorld, Yout (SYC)
Dec, 2-3Sugar Bowl Race of ChampionsOne Design (NOYC)
Dec, 9Santa Claus RegattaPHRF, Offshore (PYC)
Dec, 30-31Sugar Bowl Regatta (IC)Youth (SYC)