If a Club or INDIVIIDUAL is looking to purchase a new Viper 640, now is a really good time.

As you may already know, the Viper 640 is manufactured by Rondar 2015 Opening Regatta FWYC (courtsey FWYC Members)Raceboats in England. With the Brexit vote back in June, the British pound dropped in value on the world currency markets.
At Rondar, we have always chosen to maintain price stability in US dollars for the US market, absorbing minor currency fluctuations up or down, as the British pound to the US dollar has been quite stable. However, this currency adjustment has been an extraordinary event. The British pound is beginning to rebound, but you can still take advantage of purchasing a new Viper 640 at a reduced cost. There may also be ‘loaner boats’ available for sale after the Viper 640 International Regatta in November. These boats will have been sailed for 5 days, and will come with all GYA package accessories & new sails.

In order to take advantage of the discount you must absorb the currency risk by pre-paying for your new Viper in full with your order. This Brexit currency discount is subject to change if the exchange rates do change appreciably, and we may revoke it entirely as conditions warrant.

For details and to confirm pricing, contact Dan Tucker at Rondar Raceboats, or 781.799.8132.