Challenge Cup Communications

To all GYA members,

Pensacola Yacht Club and the Gulf Yachting Association has the gulf coast areas that are being impacted by Tropical Strom Cindy in our thoughts. We standby ready to assist you in any way we can.

On the brighter side, this year’s GYA Offshore Challenge Cup is on schedule to kick off with the Competitors’ Meeting at Pensacola Yacht Club this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The weather in Pensacola is forecasted to begin clearing on Friday and be mostly sunny on Saturday and hopefully thereafter. We’re looking forward to an outstanding regatta with the usual fierce competition on the water followed up by good times back at the clubhouse.

Most importantly, we pray you will come though the storm safely. We ask that all of you traveling to Pensacola and possibly towing boats here for the Challenge Cup Regatta exercise extreme caution. Navigating the roadways is in many ways as hazardous or even more so than navigating the oceans. Our wish is that you all arrive alive and ready to get on the water and race.

See you in Pensacola!

Dave Oerting
PYC’s 2017 Challenge Cup Regatta Chairman