Message from Capdevielle Committee

Publication of the 2018 GYA Directory, with an up to date edition of the Regulations for Sanctioned Events, will be delayed this year until after the Annual Meeting in May.  So, for now, the latest edition available, both online and in hardcopy, is in the 2017 Directory.  Host clubs and competitors please make note of the following:

Of course you know, Capdevielle events will be sailed on Viper 640’s this year for the first time.  The Regulations published in the 2017 GYA Directory included modified regulations substituting the Viper 640 for the Flying Scot.  There is a note on the first page of the Regulations stating that “Regulations preceded by “>” and that are in italics indicate an effective date of January 1, 2018”.  So, where you see that symbol and italicized text, THOSE are the current regulations.

Also, the regulations covering the Capdevielle Challenger Division Competition, found in Appendix H, were modified at the 2017 Annual Meeting and are in effect for 2018.  The changes altered the format of the competition, affect which clubs are eligible and added a trophy to be awarded by host clubs at all events.  The current text of Appendix H is available on the GYA website under the “Documents” dropdown tab along with the list of INELIGIBLE clubs.  All other clubs are ELIGIBLE.

Finally, a regulation permitting the limited use of chartered Viper 640’s by clubs that do not own one was approved at the 2018 Winter Meeting and is immediately effective.  That regulation is also available under the Documents tab.