GYA 100th Anniversary Book Request

There have been many notable sailors in the GYA – those who have won national and world championships, and who have qualified and/or gone to the Olympics – Marcus Eagan, John Dane, Zak Fanberg, Ricky Welch, Jackson Benvenuitti, Amy Kleinschrodt, Anne Edwards – just to name a few.  We’re hoping to include in the 100th Anniversary book a chapter on our notable sailors.  I have information on some of the sailors from way back – Gene Walet, Buddy Friedrichs, Gilbert Gray, Andrew Labano, and others – but very little or no information on recent (as in from about 1950 to date) sailors. IF THERE IS SOMEONE IN YOUR CLUB (past or present) WHO SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THIS CHAPTER OF THE BOOK, I need: their name, a sailing resume (from which I can pull the information needed) and, where possible, PHOTOS (either a head shot, a shot of them on the water at an event).  You can send the information to me or have the individual send it to me via e-mail at

 We seriously don’t want to overlook anyone, but we need your help!!  Please do not assume I have the needed information on any individual. To the contrary, please assume I have nothing on anyone.  I would much rather have too much information from which to choose as opposed to not enough.

 If you need to send original photos to me because you don’t have scanning capabilities or for whatever reason, I PROMISE TO RETURN THEM TO YOU! Mailing address is:  506 Trace Crossing, Daphne AL  36526

 Many thanks,

Cathy Cromartie