Last Call for Photos to Include in Commemorative Centennial Book

We are rapidly approaching the deadline to submit to the publisher the draft of the commemorative book.  Over the last few months there have been people who’ve said to me “I need to send you …”  Photos should be 300dpi or better, .jpg or .tiff  “Thumbnail” photos are not at all acceptable as there is nothing I can do with a ‘thumbnail’ to make it acceptable by the publisher.  Club Photos: I still do not have photos of Cypremort, Long Beach, Navy, Ocean Springs, Texas Corinthian and Davis Island.  I have emailed, snail mailed and called, so if you have any pull with these clubs please help me get a photo.

 Some specific photos I’d like to have are:  2018 Knost and Jr. Lipton, MS coast clubs after Hurricane Camille, FL clubs after Hurricane Ivan, Opti championship hosted by GYA club (year doesn’t matter, mark rounding and/or starting line), other junior events hosted by GYA clubs.

 In Memory of/In Honor Of:  A number of people have indicated to me they or their club would like to include someone on these pages but have not submitted anything.  If you or your club plan to feature someone, I need the information and photo.  Details can be found on the Submission Form on the GYA home page.   

 THE DROP DEAD DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS OF ANY TYPE IS SEPT. 10 !!  Submissions may be emailed to   I will also be at the Lipton Challenge this weekend to accept submissions. If you bring photos for me to scan, please have them in an envelope with your name & address so I can return them to you.

 Thank you to all who have already sent photos and texts.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

 Cathy Cromartie