Enhanced GYA PHRF Rating system


The PHRF Board of Area Handicappers voted unanimously at their September 22 board meeting, to implement the enhanced GYA PHRF Rating system based on the Offshore Racing Association’s (ORA) proprietary velocity prediction program (VPP). The enhanced GYA PHRF rating system based on ORA’s science will provide fairer, more competitive racing and be more manageable for current and future PHRF administrators.

GYA PHRF fleet members will receive (effective January 1, 2021) their new PHRF ratings for two course configurations (W/L and RLC) with two wind strengths (Light and Medium) for each course. Both spinnaker and non-spinnaker ratings will be provided. In addition, bench-mark ratings (BMR) will be provided for both Spinnaker and Non-spinnaker classes based on the average of their four ratings. The BMRs should be used to set class breaks but can be used for scoring races as Club/Race organizers gain experience with the four course/wind ratings provided. Existing scoring systems, such as the Regatta Network, can handle multiple ratings.

Initial certificates will be similar to current GYA PHRF certificates except with a rating block that will show the 10 different rating options based on ORA’s VPP program for year 2021. The new certificates will be valid for 3 years, to expire December 31, 2023. (Current PHRF certificates are for a 2-year period). The 2021 VPP baseline will be held constant for the 3-year period. All PHRF members will be required to renew for the 2024-2027 period and will be notified accordingly.

New boats and changes/modifications to existing boats will continue to submit applications as is currently done through the gya.org or gya-phrf.com web sites.

An excel spreadsheet will be available on the GYA.org and gya-phrf.com web sites so competitors can readily view the fleet’s rating information.

Current GYA PHRF certificates that expire December 31, 2020 will be renewed for 3 years at $60 (based on our current fee schedule of $40/2-year period).

Current GYA PHRF certificates that expire December 31, 2021 will now expire December 31, 2020 and will be renewed for 3 years at $40.

The ORA group has begun work on our existing 484+ PHRF certificates and will make a public announcement of our working relationship.

Tom Beery
Chairman, GYA PHRF Rating Committee