Jack And Flo Scheib Service Award

This perpetual award was established December 6, 1992, by the Gulf Yachting Association’s Board of Directors to recognize and honor individuals who, over the years, have made “significant and outstanding contributions in service to the sport of sailing”. The award is named for and dedicated to J. Gilbert and Flora K. Scheib, and its presentation annually at the GYA Winter Meeting is a continuing reminder that it originated as a tribute to Jack and Flo Scheib, each of whom served the Gulf Yachting Association ably, loyally, and diligently for many decades. The selection of the recipient is made by a committee composed of the current Commodore of the GYA and the two immediate Past Commodores.

The recipient of the Jack and Flo Scheib Service Award for 2023 was presented to Past GYA Commodore Danny Killeen, Jr. at the Annual GYA Winter Meeting held in January at the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum

Below are the names of the honored recipients of this distinguished
service award, the club(s) to which each belongs and the year for which the award was presented:

Flora K. (Flo) ScheibSYC1992
Commodore George C. Criminale, Sr.MYC1993
Commodore Marshall J. BrownFWYC1994
Juanita (Granny) DeesFYC1995
Commodore Thomas D. Beery, Jr.SRYC1996
Commodore Michael S. JohnsonFYC/FWYC1997
Roy A. (Uncle Roy) Troendle, Sr.PointYC/SYC1998
Commodore Joseph D. AlfonsoGYC1999
Commodore Henry G. ChapmanBWYC/SYC2000
Commodore François D. ValliantPYC2001
Commodore Roy Sellers, Jr.BucYC2002
Commodore Daniel B. Killeen, Sr.SYC/PCYC2003
Captain Pete MorrillBWYC2004
Mrs. Joel BarnettSYC2005
Commodore Norton W. Brooker, Jr.*MYC2006
Commodore Walter G. ChamberlainBWYC2007
Al ReesLAYC/CYC2008
Commodore Lawrence W. Taggart, Jr.SYC2009
Commodore Kenneth K. KleinschrodtBucYC2010
Commodore James P. (Jim) O’NealLAYC2011
Ms. Karen ReischSYC/PontYC2012
John G. Curren, Jr.SYC/PCYC2013
Commodore Stewart R. “Tootie” Barnett, Jr.SYC2014
Commodore Thomas A. “Tom” BattyBucYC/MYC2015
Mrs. Cheri DillardPCYC2016
Commodore Ewell C. “Corky” Potts, IIISYC2017
Commodore John B. MorrowGYC/SABYC2018
Commodore John MatthewsPYC/NYCP2019
Commodore Catherine CromartieFYC2020
Commodore Michael HageGYC2021
Jennifer B SchmidtSYC2022
Commodore Danny Killeen, Jr.PCYC2023
*Awarded Posthumously

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