Offshore Council

Scott J Sonnier (SYC)

Executive Committee

Benz Faget (NOYC)Paul Gillette (PYC)
Michael Charbonnet (PCYC)Bobby Tassin (TYC)
Chris Dabney (GYC)William Zehner (St.ABYC)

Offshore Handicap Appeals Committee
Cleve Fair (Pontyc), Chairman

Handicap Rating Committee
Kevin Blank (FWYC), Chairman

Send Chairman Results of Handicap events to

Area HandicappersAssistant Handicappers
Brad Broadus (MYC)Julian Bingham (MYC/BucYC)
Lee Creekmore (MYC)
William Zehner (StABYC)Craig Wilusz (FWYC/BBSC)
Neil McMillan (PYC)Jeff Hunt (PBYC)
Tony Nichols (NYC)
Louisiana-North Shore
Lee Eikel (PontYC)David Bolyard (PontYC)
Steven Choate (PontYC)
Louisiana-South Shore
Robert Rogers (SYC)Benz Faget (NOYC)
Stanton Murray (SYC/CSA)
Tim Molony (SYC)
Jerry DiColo (SYC)
Patrick Ryan (SYC)
Robert Grisoli (CSA)
Chris Wilke (SYC)
Merlin Wilson, MD (SYC)
Eric Aschaffenburg (PCYC)Mont Echols, III (SYC)

Supporting Yachting in the Southeast since 1901