The Safety at Sea videos, produced by the Storm Trysail Foundation and narrated by Storm Trysail Club member Gary Jobson, vary in length and cover subjects from Man Overboard Recovery, safety equipment, understanding weather and more.

For a one-time fee of $40 US, you receive lifetime access to the full library to view over and over. You and your shipmates will be better prepared in the case of an emergency whether you’re racing or cruising, in coastal waters or off shore, under sail or power. And, as Storm Trysail adds more videos to its library, you will have access to the full collection.

The GYA ExCom and the Safety Advisory Committee encourages all GYA Clubs, Jr. Programs and individuals to purchase a subscription to the STF Safety At Sea videos. The videos are not intended to replace a Safety at Sea seminar such as the one being hosted at Pensacola Yacht Club in March. Anyone seeking Off Shore certification would need to attend a seminar. But, we recognize that there are many local/coastal sailors who are not seeking off-shore certification so will most likely never attend a seminar. We also recognize that sailing accidents can happen on a beer can race, a sanctioned event or just out cruising for the day.

The first ten videos cover:
 Practical Man Overboard Recovery (24 mins.)
 Understanding Weather (23 mins.)
 Understanding Offshore Weather (24 mins.)
 Flares and Pyrotechnic Devices (6 mins.)
 Storm Sails (12 mins.)
 Shipboard Firefighting Strategies (4 mins.)
 Fighting Shipboard Fires (7 mins.)
 Personal Safety Equipment (27 mins.)
 Cold water survival & Life Rafts (3 min.)
 Deploying a Life Raft (6 mins.)

$40 is a very small cost to pay if even just one life is saved because you watched the video and know how to recover a man overboard, or if one boat is saved because you know how to properly extinguish a blaze.

Payment may be made through PayPal. The GYA will reimburse any GYA club who purchases a subscription to the library. Simply purchase your subscription and send a copy of your receipt to

Sailors can visit the link below and order their subscription to the Storm Trysail Foundation’s complete Safety-at-Sea Video Library.